Unfortunately, many Christians are afraid of dying. This is not at all what God had in mind for them. In fact, God’s good and perfect plan for His people entails just the opposite—His choice for us is all about peace of mind, not fear; joy and not worry. Let’s take a look at what scripture teaches about death and why those who love the Lord have nothing to fear.

Read 1 Corinthians 15:55-57. What do you read in v.55 that tells you there is nothing to fear about death.

You probably observed that death has a “sting” according to Paul’s teaching in v.55. What does the next verse (v.56) tell you about what that “sting” of death actually is?

Now read Romans 6:23. According to the 1st half of the verse, what is the definition of death?

What contrast does the second half of the verse make to the wages of sin mentioned in the first half?

Draw a vertical line down the middle of a blank sheet of paper. On the left-hand side, write “the wages of sin” and list everything you learn about this from Romans 6:23. On the right-hand side, write “gift of God” and list what you learn about the “gift of God.”

Conclusion: Sin brings death while a godly life brings eternal life—everlasting life. In other words, those who love the Lord, who accept Jesus as the Christ, the Son of God will never perish—ever. Read John 3:16, 5:24 and 8:51. According to these verses, why does the believer have no reason to fear death?

Additional references: 2 Timothy 1:8-10; Hebrews 2:14-15; Romans 5:12-21; 6:1-14; 8:1-17

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