Believers have countless instructions throughout the Bible to share the Gospel.

Ever since Jesus came to earth He’s been sending His disciples out to share the good news. Upon the advent of the Holy Spirit the Church became supernaturally empowered to go to the uttermost parts of the earth to tell others that Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life. We see throughout the book of Revelation that God uses different means to witness to all peoples about the great salvation that He extends to those who believe in the name of Jesus.

People might say today that it’s too hard to share the Gospel.

Some are put off by it and the Church has become weak in finding effective ways to reach the general public with the relevancy of why it matters to know Jesus. We all agree we need a revival but don’t know how in the world that is going to happen. Do we need to adapt more to the times so people will be at least a little interested in hearing the message? Do we need to soften the message or have a new marketing firm come in and show us how to communicate?

What we need is to spend more time with Jesus as individuals.

We need to fan the flame into a fire again and hunger for time in His Word, for worship and meeting with those who are like-minded. When we don’t feel comfortable telling others about Him we need to be reminded of what Jesus has done for us and the entire world. We read in Acts 4:20 what Peter and John said when told not to speak in His name: “…for we cannot stop speaking about what we have seen and heard.”

We quickly forget His Word.

If we don’t actively pursue time with Jesus we soon forget what we have seen and heard. Making time to study the Word, listening to the words of a song that describe who Jesus is, and a general preoccupation with who He is—these things fill our minds with so much love for Jesus that we cannot contain ourselves any longer. He will start shining forth in what we say, in how we treat others and how we show our love for Him and He for us.

The conclusion is simple.

Believers the world over must remember that we do not need to try something new to win others to Christ. We need instead to concentrate on sharing what we have seen and heard and let the Holy Spirit fill us with His power to supernaturally spread the Gospel into all the world.

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