“As Joel and his teammate Ricky were out seeking people who were open to learning more about Jesus, they met a young [Muslim] man named Adil. When they started discussing religion, Adil stated that he believed that the Bible is corrupted. Joel responded that the Bible is the true Word of God and told Adil several stories about Jesus. Then he suggested they pray together.

Ricky prayed first and simply asked God to speak to them. After a few minutes, Adil began weeping.

‘I’ve cried out to God so many times,’ Adil said, ‘but I’ve never taken the time to sit and be quiet and wait for Him to speak. I’ve never felt such closeness to God in all my life. It’s the greatest feeling in the world to hear Him speak!’

Since then, Joel and Adil have been reading the Bible together every week. And last month, Adil decided to follow Jesus and declare Him as Lord. Like many other Muslim-background believers, Adil’s life is being transformed as he learns to joyfully obey Christ and share the Good News with others.” —excerpt from Frontiers USA.

According to a recent report from Frontiers USA, Frontier teams in the Middle East are seeing hundreds of Muslims entering the Kingdom of God. The above quote relates the story of one such encounter with Jesus. For more stories from Frontiers USA, visit their blog. The Gospel is on the move.

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