Aggressive Advertising

In today’s world of materialism, advertisers present their wares in the best possible light—sometimes even stretching the truth in order to make their product attractive enough for the public to believe they must have it.

A good business plan includes a trademarked slogan and symbol that represent their products to the world. See if you recognize the following:

• Just do it!
• It keeps on going and going and going
• Melts in your mouth and not in your hand
• You’re in safe hands with __________

A Closer Look

If you have the slogan, can you picture the symbol that each slogan represents? We can do the same thing with the Christian message using Luke 9:23. “If anyone would come after Me, he must deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow me.”

• According to this verse, what must a person do if he wants to come to Jesus?
• What does it mean to ‘deny’ self?
• What are the things you would need to do in order for the statement to be true that you have denied yourself?
• What does the phrase ‘take up his cross’ mean?
• How often is it necessary to take up your cross if you chose to follow Jesus?

The Bottom Line

Now, look at just the first phrase of Luke 9:23. Can you see that this is actually an invitation for you to come to Jesus? Let’s make that the first word in our Christian slogan: “Come.”

Now consider the rest of the verse and how you answered the questions about that part. “Deny self” and “take up your cross.”

Put it together and you have “COME AND DIE.” And if you were to choose a symbol that best represents this slogan, would it not be the cross, that instrument of torture in Biblical days? Bottom line, this is not an enticing advertisement for Christianity.

Unlike companies today, God does not stretch the truth to make it an attractive offer. He offers the truth and assures eternal life for all those who come and follow Jesus.

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