All We Need Is Grace

When you find yourself at the end of your rope or seemingly beyond what you can handle, this is the time when you will finally realize that God’s grace is sufficient—just like the Bible tells us.

If a survey were taken among the people of God, it would be nigh on to unanimous that He supplied grace whenever they needed Him and cried out for help.

God Shows His Grace Constantly

God displays His grace in many ways: a sense of peace that surpasses all understanding, an encouraging word from a friend, a special word directly from God Himself—it takes many forms.

Sometimes His grace may appear harsh, coming in the guise of an illness or even death.

We don’t always understand such times, but we can rest assured that His grace is continually working in our lives.

The Bible tells us to “Be still and know that I am God.” Why? Because in our ‘stillness’ we become more aware of the work that He is accomplishing in us.

We Really Are Blessed

How blessed are we who know the Lord! He never fails us. He’s always there. Every word He speaks is truth and no matter how difficult life becomes, He’s keenly aware of our pain. After all, He is the who made that plan for us in the first place.

It’s in our times of need that we grow closer to Him because that’s when we realize that He may not take away the hard times, but He will use them to speak to us in ways we cannot hear when life is going smoothly.

God’s Eternal Love

The overwhelming, eternal love of God is all around us. How wonderful it is that He sent His Son to reconcile us to Him and that we will never be separated from Him again. Just as we are promised eternal life, we are also promised eternal grace. Cry out to Him when you’re at your wit’s end. It’s a guarantee, His grace will be there for you.

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