Things Will Change

My Christmases as a child were wonderful, marvelous and just about any superlative you can think of. Oh, the dolls, the dollhouses, the skates!

It was a magical time in the life of a child.

Slowly, over the years things began to change. The gifts became less exciting and the prospect of being with family from afar an even larger share of the holiday cheer.

Grandma and Grandpa’s arrival at the curb meant everything as they piled out of the car. The big day had arrived!

We All Get Older

But as we a grow even older, things continued to evolve. The Grandparents were now gone, the kids were grown and had kids of their own. Some of them were even gone and had their own kids—your great-grandkids.

Others had moved so far away, you didn’t have everyone together anymore.
You may even have given up the tree and the decorations as too much work for just one. Such is life: we grow up! But here is an important truth. Christmas doesn’t change.

It is what it always has been—the celebration of that fateful day when God came to earth in the form of a human baby: soft, sweet and adorable.

Like any baby, He was innocent and vulnerable. But unlike any other baby, He was born knowing that one day soon—at the tender age of 33—He would die a horrible death, suffering both physically and spiritually as He was separated (if ever so temporarily) from God the Father.

The Best Gift of All

But what greater gift could He have given us—the gift that keeps on giving! The baby Jesus grew up strong and virile, into the man/God who would sacrifice His life that we might receive His righteousness. Through His blood, our sins have been forgiven and we are now reconciled to God the Father.

This is the day that we celebrate. Not the gifts, the festive tree and the boundless display of gifts. We celebrate His life and what He has done for us. What no other man could do, Jesus did. Why? Because He loves us.

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