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God is Patient

A Lesson from the Cold This is the season for new birth.  Especially this year, after the record-breaking, life-threatening temperatures we reached on February 15.  Minus three! Not wind-chill, but actual temperature readings!  Pipes burst, power lines fell and much of the city’s flora was seriously crippled: Crepe myrtles and nandinas, and a variety of…

About the Nago People

The Nago People Here are some interesting facts about the Nago people that Philip and his team visited on their recent missionary trip to the northwestern part of Myanmar and the northeastern part of India.  In spite of the horrific mishap that totaled Philip’s car, Philip still refers to the trip as fruitful.  After all,…

A Letter from Phillip: May

On this trip, we lost our 1999 Toyota that we had used to take the gospel of Jesus Christ to many parts of Myanmar and many of which are not the popular places to go.  But by His grace I know where I am most needed.  We invested, not our choice but His, around 20k…