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Why Study the Word?

A question asked by many Christians is “Why is it important that we study the Bible?” How one answers that question is crucial to his relationship with the Creator. First and foremost, the Bible is where we learn about God and we cannot truly worship Him without fully knowing who He is and what He…

This is the Season God has Given

There is Nothing New Under the Sun The book of Ecclesiastes speaks to life as we experience it today as well as life back in Biblical times. It addresses the many things people pursue to achieve happiness and how these things fail in the end. Sounds a little depressing, perhaps, but heeding this message brings…

Surviving These Uncertain Times

New, and Uncertain Times Who would have ever expected life to change so radically as it did with COVID 19? One day we’re rolling along with the usual ups and downs and then BAM, something that most of us have never experienced knocks us off our feet. When will it end? What will the long-term…