Watch a television sit-com, take in a movie, or settle in to read a juicy novel, chances are you’ll witness the institution of marriage under attack. The heroes and heroines of the stories we enjoy today live together unmarried, have children together, and indulge in “extra-relationship” affairs on a whim. As a nation, we are slowly being brain-washed into accepting any standard of morality as a legitimate alternative to the Word of God. And as our definition of marriage is being broadened to include every possibility imaginable, the esteem in which we hold the institution of marriage is being rapidly diminished.

Children growing up in today’s world think nothing of having three and four sets of grandparents.

Being passed from one parent to the other on weekends and holidays—normal. Knowing multiple moms and dads—commonplace. When we pick up the daily newspaper, we see that divorces granted exceed marriage licenses issued. The sanctity of marriage that our parents held so dear is slipping into oblivion.

In year 2000, voters in California passed Proposition 22—the California Defense of Marriage Act—by an overwhelming victory of 61.4% of the vote. In fact, every region of the state except San Francisco gave Prop 22 a resounding “Yes,” and sent a strong message to the state legislature that the people of our nation’s most populous state wanted to protect the institution of marriage. On June 5 of 2007, the state assembly of California—by a 42-34 vote—passed a measure introduced by San Francisco Assemblyman Mark Leno that rejects the voice of the people. This attack against marriage now proceeds to the California State Senate.

It is easy for Christians in our state to ignore what’s happening elsewhere in the nation. But the truth of the matter—in its simplest terms—is this: what happens in California has an impact on the nation as a whole. Nearly one in every eight Americans now lives in California. If marriage falls in that great state, it forces Federal legislation challenging state amendments and laws that currently protect the institution of marriage.

Every Christian has the responsibility to be informed of the facts on all issues, to vote according to his or her conscience, and to speak up for Biblical principles. Don’t let the world pass you by unnoticed. Your voice does make a difference!

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