Dear Loyal Readers,


Senior Pastor Tom Harrison once said in regards to stewardship:  “Money was created for one thing only—to be used for God’s purposes.”  In my opinion, this is one of the wisest statements ever made. All that we have belongs to God and even though He allows us to enjoy it for a season, He wants us to remember that we actually own nothing. Our possessions and our money are merely on loan and we must never forget that we have been given them for the purpose of fulfilling His will.


Giving is not easy to talk about under the best of circumstances. But in today’s economy, it is even harder. People everywhere are feeling the squeeze—even businesses and nonprofits. We have to remember, though, that God’s call on our lives isn’t put on hold just because the economy is faltering. He still expects us to use what we have to carry out His purposes. Word Among Us Ministries is committed to doing just that.


You probably know by now that we will return to Myanmar in November to put on a second seminar for the year. This time, we have invited a young couple to join us who will be teaching on the subject of music and worship in the church, and we are hoping to be able to help them with their trip expenses. We believe God is asking Word Among Us to go to Myanmar twice a year for as long as the door is open, and to teach the Bible to pastors, students, and missionaries and equip them for teaching in the villages where they have planted churches.


Because of your generous giving, so far in 2008 we have been able to provide Pastor Philip with funds to help with:


·         Rice and financial support for victims of cyclone Nargis

·         The rebuilding of a structure demolished by the cyclone where a Christian Sunday school for Buddhist children meets

·         Travel and housing expenses for missionaries from outlying villages to attend our seminars

·         Major repairs to the pastor’s house in Chin State

·         Furniture rental, supplies and materials for putting on two seminars in Yangon

·         Travel expenses for Pastor Philip to their churches in outlying villages


In addition to what has already been done in the name of Christ, there are other needs we feel God is leading the Ministry to help with right now. These include:


·         Support to 12 missionaries that will go out in December to various villages witnessing to the Buddhist nationals (cost per missionary is $100, for a total of $1200 we hope to give)

·         Purchase of 13 textbooks to be used in the Bible College (we will take these with us on the plane)


We appreciate all that you have done to help this local group of missionaries minister to their people. We know that in times like these giving is harder than ever, but we do ask that you make it a matter of prayer and just do what you feel God would have you do. We covet your prayers for a safe trip and, even more, your prayers that God will be glorified in all that we do. These present days appear to be a time when God’s heart is turning to the nation of Myanmar and we are humbled by the small part He’s called us to play in what He is doing there.


God bless you in your giving and in your prayers.





Susan Woodward


Word Among Us Ministries, Inc.

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