God’s Word is abundately clear about the role His people are to play in evangelizing the world.

Jesus came first to the Jews and with their rejection, God charged Gentile believers with taking the Good News to the world at large.

His command to believers had no expiry date attached to it. That means believers today are just as responsible for spreading the Good News as were believers back in the days of Jesus.

So what is the Good News (Gospel) that Jesus requires us to share? Let’s take a look at what the Bible has to say about it.

  • Read Mark 1:14-15. According to the words of Jesus, what do you say when you proclaim the “Gospel”?
  • Still, that doesn’t give the content of the “Gospel.” Read Luke 24:44-49 and record the actual message you are to give.
  • The Greek word translated “Gospel” is euaggelion (yoo-an-gel’ ee-on) and it means simply “good message.” Read 1 Corinthians 15:1-8 and note all that Paul indicates in what he calls the gospel.
  • What we’re seeing now is that more of Jesus’ life than just birth, death, and resurrection are included in the telling of the Gospel. Read Luke 24:13-27. How does Jesus explain the definition of “Gospel” even furter? [HINT: How much of the Bible does He say deals with His life and ministry?]
  • Read 2 Timothy 3:15—4:4 and answer the following:
    1. Where does the wisdom that’s needed for salvation come from?
    2. What’s the desired result of the use of scripture for teaching, rebukding, correcting and training in righteousness?
    3. What instructions does Paul give re giving the gospel?
    4. What does Paul say will eventually happen if the people are not well-grounded in the scriptures?
    5. Based on this study, how much of the Bible would you say we should be prepared to share with others?
    6. If Jesus is calling you to share the “gospel” with others, what do you need to do to prepare yourself for the task?
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