It’s a simple fact: people who have no future have no hope. If you cannot see beyond the next dollar earned, the next vacation from work, the next promotion, retirement, the grave, it’s only natural to feel empty, lost, without direction. “Is there any meaning to life,” you might ask yourself, “or just more of the same-ole, same-ole?”

You find yourself waking up each morning with less enthusiasm than the day before. It’s a bigger and bigger effort to drag yourself out of bed. You have less and less energy All this is because you have no hope and you have no hope because you have no future; that is, as long as you keep walking the same course day by day.

Jesus Christ, our Savior, offers hope. He IS our hope. The One who sent Him tells us in scripture that He has a plan for each of us, a plan with a future, and hope. His plan is a good plan; to benefit us and not to harm us. The key to playing a role in God’s plan involves our changing from being self-centered to being God-centered.

Once we accept that plan (which became effective the moment He sent His Son to die on the cross), we will regain the hope that God originally intended for us to have. It’s a matter of our receiving, believing and obeying the teachings of the gospel.

So wherever you are in your spiritual walk today, things will only look brighter when you put Jesus in control of your life. Troubles and obstacles may linger around, but you have a final destination: eternity with the Father in heaven. That is your future, and with it comes abundant hope.

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