Seeking Revival

The devoted believer will most probably experience a longing for revival at some point in his life. One would think the logical place to find Spiritual renewal is in the local congregation. It is there that people anticipate hearing a transforming Word and have their zeal ignited once again.

But sometimes they hit a barrier and find themselves as frustrated and empty as before. When the church experience fails to get them excited about Jesus once again, they try seminars and conferences, sometimes with little relief. What they fail to do most of the time is to be still and examine their own hearts.

In arrogance, we may consider ourselves well-versed about God and His ways. There once was a man named Job who thought the same thing. He was a righteous man, offered sacrifices for his family, helped the poor and did all kinds of good works.

He was well-respected at the city gate and was considered to be very blessed by God. We may feel like that sometimes. And we are blessed in so many ways, but what about how we feel when the blessings are removed?

Take it from Job

Job listened to some well-meaning friends and ended up defending himself a little bit too much. He started talking about all he had done and actually came across as being a little prideful. He even tried to defend himself before God.

He thought He knew God but soon discovered how small he was and how great God was. After Job finished his soliloquy on himself before God, God began to ask some pointed questions—questions about creation, nature, and things too lofty for Job to answer. Then God revealed Himself to Job in such a way that Job realized who he was and who God is. Once Job understood this, his only recourse was to repent.

Not the casual I’m sorry kind of repentance, but the heart-wrenching kind when one becomes keenly aware of his sinfulness compared to God’s holiness. Like Job, we try to justify righteousness apart from repentance. It doesn’t work. We might live a righteous life, give of our resources, attend church services; but still, we don’t really know Him.

We are so busy doing things we don’t look at our hearts. It’s not until some of our blessings are removed that we finally realize who God is. And we are humbled. True repentance is the key to revival, both for an individual and a nation. It’s the key to really knowing God.

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