Psalm 27:11-14

The adversaries are strong in their attacks of us and they will NOT give up.

In fact, they even have gathered false witnesses who will speak against us even though they know we’re right.  We, therefore, need to learn to ask God…

For His Teaching

The word “teach” is to rain or to point out. We need this divine teaching, especially when we know WHAT we’re called to do but we don’t know WHEN to begin or WHAT to say and how to say.

And God promises us That He’ll be with our mouth and give us words to say and how to say (Exodus 4:10-12). It’s like God saying these words,




I am with your mouth. I have protected it from many other words.


I will give words you will say. I will give you thoughts,
words to speak and influence your emotion. So what comes out
of your mouth will be what I want you to speak.

This is not enough. We still need to learn to ask…

For His Guidance

The word “guide” [lead in the NIV] is pretty much like someone who takes your hand and lead[s] you in your walking. Certainly, we need this divine guidance, especially when we know what we’re called to do and know what to say but we don’t know when and HOW to begin with actions. This is where we all find ourselves inadequate.

But in His adequacy, for what He wants to accomplish through us, He provides individuals to help us to follow His guidance.

Hope in HIM

The adversaries, along with false witnesses, breathe cruelty against us and they will never stop till they see us become useless and dead (v.13). BUT like David, may we, therefore, learn to…

• Be hopeful in His goodness (v.14)
• Wait for His timely guidance (v.14
• Take courage as we wait on Him (v.14)

After all, He is our Light and our Salvation. He will give us direction, rain on us with His words and guide us in His direction. With His deliverance, He will help us walk in that process which He designs for us to walk. He never fails! May God bless us all, as we ask Him for His teaching and
guidance today!

In His Adequacy,


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