A Lesson From Brother Lawence

“I turn my little omelette [sic] in the pan for the love of God.  When it is finished, if I have nothing to do, I prostrate myself on the ground and worship my God, who gave me this grace to make it, after which I arise happier than a king. 
 “When I can do nothing else, it is enough to have picked up a straw for the love of God.  
 “People look for ways of learning how to love God.  They hope to attain it by I know not how many different practices.  They take much trouble to abide in His presence by varied means.  Is it not a shorter and more direct way to do everything for the love of God, to make use of all the tasks one’s lot in life demands to show him that love, and to maintain his presence within by the communion of our heart with his?  
 “There is nothing complicated about it.  One has only to turn to it honestly and simply.”    —Brother Lawrence (17th Century)

Words Of Wisdom

These are the words of the seventeenth-century French monk whose spiritual posture kept him in the presence of God throughout his entire workday.  Brother Lawrence was not a great fan of set prayers and prescribed devotions.  He would rather do everything for the love of God.  In such a manner, he maintained what he referred to as the “actual presence of God.”

This is the perfect description of the fully surrendered believer.  Every thought has been taken captive and made obedient to Christ.  This is the person who has taken Self off the throne and put Christ in His rightful place.

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