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Young boy stealing cookiesStories From Childhood

Recently a dear friend shared a memory from her childhood.  The story touched my heart and brought back memories of my own grandmother.   Sharon has graciously allowed me to share her memory with you.

“During World War II my Father served with the Army Air Corps in various African, Mediterranean and European theatres. While he was overseas, my Mother and I lived with my maternal grandparents on their farm outside Adrian, Missouri.

Every morning my grandmother would pick me up and carry me outside to help her with chores around the farm.  She had a big cookie jar of a man with big pantaloons.  His name was ‘Happy,’ and he always was filled with cookies. 

Every time we left to go outside, I had to give ‘Happy’ a kiss and get a cookie.

No Longer Cookies, But Memories

“Today ‘Happy’ sets atop my refrigerator where he still can observe my goings and comings, but he no longer gets kisses and the cookies are long gone.  Instead, he is filled with memories of a little girl during a time unbeknownst to her when the world was on fire, but whose joy came every morning when she could lean down to give “Happy” a kiss, get a cookie and go outside with her grandmother to tend the farm, and just maybe locate some wild guinea eggs.”

There is much about Sharon’s story that tugs at my heartstrings.  Most of all, her story takes me back to my own childhood and the ginormous bisque jar atop my grandmother’s kitchen cabinet.  Happy memories, that, as she would stick her hand in and sneak me a before-mealtime cookie to “tide me over.”

A Reminder

Sharon’s “Happy” story also reminds me of God’s love for us.  A lot was going on in the world during WWII:  wartime newsreels, absentee fathers, womenfolk helping out in the factories.  There was ample cause for a little girl to feel frightened and insecure.  But Sharon had a wise grandmother who knew how to bring security to Sharon’s world.

We have much the same going on in our world today.  We might even feel at times as if our world is “on fire.”   No longer is there a “happy” cookie jar on the counter for our comfort.  But now we have a heavenly Father to watch over us and protect us… and love us so much more than we love ourselves.

His name is Jehovah Jireh—the God who provides.  He holds us in His everlasting arms and supplies all our needs.

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