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 A Need Fulfilled

PPhillip with his sonhilip reports from his mission trip to western Myanmar.  His son Daniel is accompanying him on this trek into 12-13 small villages in the remote areas where people are in desperate need to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ. In his first report dated March 20th, he writes:

“By God’s protection, we have reached our first intended town on time, in the midst of shooting between the military and the AA from Rakhine State.  We have proclaimed His word.  We will be in our second intended village till Sunday and move on to the third and forth intended villages… the list goes on.”

    Philip asks for continued prayer for health, God’s protection and blessings over the words he speaks, and for listening ears that will hear and receive the gospel.  He explains that Ouk Sein Ki is a village that serves as their Jerusalem (the springboard from which they go out into the surrounding villages to preach and teach).

He recalls that in 2007 on a similar trip to the area, he baptized seven adults in a small brook.  The water, he said, was so high that they were forced to postpone the baptisms until the level had receded.  But wait they did.  And the baptisms were accomplished.

A Reunion

On this current trip in 2019, Philip is blessed to be reunited with the same peoples that he baptized and to witness the growth in their faith.  He also is having the pleasure of visiting former students of Yangon Grace Bible School to be updated on what they are doing after graduation.  As preacher and teacher, this is the great joy that Philip says he is experiencing.

At the beginning of this missionary trip, Philip spoke of desire to renew and support connections that were previously made; and also to make new connections with spiritual leaders.  His goal is to develop others to replace him and replicate his work in spreading the gospel to those who have yet to hear.  To this cause, Philip has written and is writing additional books for these up-and-coming leaders of the church to have resources for their own development as they have no educational materials in their area.

Phillip’s Gratitude

Philip expresses gratitude for both financial and spiritual support he is receiving from donors like you who have contributed to the Bible School and his family needs.  The rent on the school building is paid for the coming year and additional support is needed for day-to-day operational expenses.  The coffers have been seriously strained by his wife’s recent surgery and recuperation.

This is also the time of year that the annual rent on his family’s living quarters is due.  Word Within International has committed to covering that expense as they have in the past few years.  To this end, we must raise $4000 over the next couple of months.

Those who know Phillip know that he has committed his life to serving the Lord through evangelizing and teaching the Word of God.  In this most recent letter, Philip states:  “We choose to remain a servant for His use because a life walked within His presence is the most satisfying.

Our ear has been thrust through with His awl and thus there is now nothing more desirable than to be with Him who loves us deeply and widely.”  Deuteronomy 15:12-17.

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