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 Keeping up with the Joneses

extended hands holding the words giveWhen it comes to keeping up the Joneses, no human can compete with the giving of God.  No matter how hard we work on His behalf, He always manages to return more in joy and satisfaction than we give Him through our efforts.  Ask anyone who has participated in short-term missions.  They will talk about working until they are dead-tired and at the same time being overwhelmed with joy and extra energy.  God just keeps on giving and giving.

He doesn’t call all of us to do all things.  He gives to each a specific gift or gifts that equip us for the different tasks He assigns.  But even then, He expects all of us to exercise all the gifts, just in a lesser manner than those to whom He has given that specific gift.

For example:  to some, He has given the gift of teaching, and they will become teachers of His word; yet everyone is a teacher to someone, maybe as a parent to a child or as one believer to another.  No matter the gift, this same truth applies to all.


We Can All Give

Let’s look specifically at the gift of giving.  Some believers have the gift, but the Bible teaches that all believers are to give in some manner.  The one with the gift will see needs that here-to-fore have gone unnoticed.  He prefers giving anonymously, seeking no recognition for himself.  He gives extravagantly, not from his abundance but from his total resources.  On the other hand, all believers are expected to give—just not in such extreme measures.

In the scriptures, we are told to think of others’ needs before our own—all believers are.  We are to give without considering the cost and to give generously with a happy heart.  Jesus gives us the example of the widow’s mite, through which He illustrates that no gift is too small, as long as we are giving as much as we can.  And He promises to give back to us even more than what we have given to others.

It’s important to acknowledge the reality that we do not give in order to receive; but as we give, receiving is the natural outcome.  We cannot out-give God.  It’s a simple and time-tested truth

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