A New Phillip with friendsYear

The new school year has begun at YGBS (Yangon Grace Bible School) and will continue for the next eight months.

The school’s curriculum now includes not only a Bachelor of Theology (B.Th) but a Master of Divinity (M.Div) as well.  There will be many challenges in the months ahead that must be faced and overcome.  Fortunately, Philip and his staff are no strangers to adversity.  They continue to operate in full faith that the Lord will provide.

In his most recent letter, Philip talks about the heart he has for YGBS, which occupies the lion’s share of his ministry for God.  He describes his work with the students as “the best of the bests” that this earthly life has to offer him and his family.  He has no other passion, he says that to develop others and prepare them for a life-work in evangelism, preaching, Bible teaching and the like.

He knows that he has been called by God for this purpose and feels an urgency to raise up leaders and teachers to carry on the Lord’s work when he is gone.

A Word Of Thanks

In this last letter, Philip expresses immense gratitude for those who have come alongside to support YGBS and his family in their efforts to follow Jesus.  He speaks of being blessed by your gifts and your service.  He continues to ask for your prayers for effectiveness in the work of the ministry and for protection against unavoidable expenditures.
Most pressing needs:

• Additional funds for Philip’s family housing rent

• Food for students

• Emergency medical expenses students

So many of you have been very generous over the past months and we hate to keep asking for help, but the truth is donations have been slow for Word Within ministries and we are having difficulty meeting our commitments to Philip and his ministry.  Please pray with us that all needs can be met in a timely manner and if God puts it on your heart to make an additional love offering, you can write a check to WWI and we will see that Philip receives your gift.

Mailing address for WWI:     P.O. Box 33178, Tulsa OK  74153.  Please enter Philip’s name in the memo section.

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