Age Doesn’t Matter

No matter our advanced years or reduced physical abilities, God has a plan for our lives.  Unfortunately, many devoted followers of Jesus feel they have outlived their usefulness to God.  This could not be further from the truth.  The word ‘retirement’ does not come from the mouth of God.  Instead, the Bible gives us example after example of saints being used by God at extremely advanced ages.

Think about Moses whom God called to deliver His people from bondage in Egypt.  He was eighty at the time of that calling.  Or Abraham who sired Isaac (a type for the forthcoming Messiah).

Abraham became a father long after his body had dried up and could no longer produce an heir.  But God made it happen.  Many of God’s most productive workers lived for hundreds of years.  In God’s eyes, age and physical limitation do not matter; it’s the condition of the heart that’s important to Him.

Weakness Didn’t Stop Paul

We don’t know how old Paul was but he appears to have been somewhat advanced in years.  Scripture records Paul’s contentment in all conditions that life (and his work for the gospel) brought his way.  He even refers to a “thorn in [his] flesh” that tormented him continually.  He prayed three times for God to remove that thorn, to which God replied “My grace is sufficient for you, for My power is made perfect in weakness.”  When we apply God’s “then” to our “now,” what do we get?  —the realization that He can use us even when our physical condition screams otherwise!

Bedridden (or otherwise limited) believers may still be able to support spouses, friends and family in their walks with Jesus.  They can become prayer warriors for God’s armies and encourage those that are still on the frontline.  Card ministries, phone committees, mentoring, giving testimonies and witnessing…  there are infinite possibilities for believers to be used by God regardless of their age or physical limitations.

The key to understanding God’s individual plan for you lies in the art of “listening.”  When it comes to prayer, we are not expected to do all the talking.  As we ask for guidance, we should also practice being silent so as to be available to hear what God has to say.   After all, God’s grace is sufficient and His power will be made perfect through your weakness.

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