Jesus in the Sky

Early the next morning Jesus went out to an isolated place. The crowds searched everywhere for him, and when they finally found him, they begged him not to leave them.  But he replied, “I must preach the Good News of the    Kingdom of God in other towns, too, because that is why I was sent.”   So he continued to travel around, preaching in synagogues throughout Judea. Luke 4:42-44 (NASB)


He Became Like Us

When Jesus came to the earth, He didn’t use all the power that was His as God.  He was no longer omnipresent.  Like us, He was limited to being only one place at a time.  He tired physically and couldn’t address all the people that needed His help.  He required time alone with His Father.

In Luke 4:42-44 (above), we find that Jesus actually went out to an isolated place to avoid the people.  He didn’t do this because He didn’t love them.  He knew that once they found Him, they would beg Him to stay, and that is exactly what happened.  Jesus’s reply to them was, “I must preach the Good News of the Kingdom of God to other towns, too, because that is why I was sent.”  It must have been difficult for Jesus to have to disappoint the crowd as He did, but He was obedient to the Father: He kept His focus on why He was sent.

At times, believers find themselves in a position similar to Jesus’.  We are overwhelmed with the needs around us — both locally and internationally.  Our hearts break for the homeless, the persecuted, those who are victims of sex trafficking, and we feel helpless as to how to help.  As individuals, we realize that we are not able to take care of all the needs.

Quite The Workload

Jesus told His disciples that they would do even greater works than He.  In saying this, He was looking ahead to the Father’s plan for the body of Christ to take care of people all over the world.  He knew that we would grow weary at times just as He had, but when that happened He would provide other believers to step up to carry on the work.

Quite simply, God has given us everything we need to help others.  Our job is to obey His call.

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