The Return To Myanmar

Phillip with friendsShortly after Philip’s visit to the US, he embarked on a lengthy mission to the remote areas of western Myanmar.

Upon his return to his family in Yangon, he writes the following in part: “The recent 23 day’s gospel tour with five of our graduating students for nine villages and one township was such a durable rewarding one and is now and it will remain that way for a long long time.

The friendships shared with students at our YGBS is what serves as a platform of partnership for the widespread of the gospel of Jesus that is centered around the salvation of sinners and the building of His church and also for the equipping and developing of leaders for churches and evangelism.

“The regular support coming in this year on a monthly basis after a miracle anonymous helper for our rental expense for the main FACILITY for the Bible School and help also for my family’s rent was about  1200 $ and the regular monthly operational expense usually was and still is about 2500 $.


How did, and does He provide? ONLY HE KNOWS, and HE DOES, and WE ARE VERY THANKFUL.”


A Request For Help

As we approach year-end, many are asking how they can help Philip’s ministry with their 2019 giving.  Funds are continually needed for rental for both the school building and the parsonage, food for family and students, medical expenses and the like.

In his letter, Philip expresses deep gratitude for all his sponsors.  The most efficient way to send funds to Philip is through Susan Woodward at Word Within International, PO Box 33178 Tulsa OK 74153.

All gifts are sent in their entirety to Philip and your donation is tax-deductible as a gift to a non-profit 501(c)3.  In the memo section of your check, please indicate the 2019 Philip contribution.

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