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Here’s a letter from Philip reflecting on his most recent trip back home and surrounding villages.

One joyous event was to celebrate the Resurrection of the LORD JESUS CHRIST with the people in my mother’s native village for the first time.  Surprise they were that I visited them.  But it was not intended to be a surprise visit.  Long has God instilled in me a desire to seek after them with His given message though my Mom does no longer have many relatives.  And what better message than the message on the Resurrection of the LORD JESUS. 

     “Transparency and frequency in communications seem to have led me much these days and I am very grateful to God for this leading of Him.  My family is doing well under His protection.  As far as our teaching ministry at the Yangon Grace Bible School goes, we do not yet know when we can reopen  [Closed re COVID-19].  We will see how the government will have to say and we will resume it when it allows.  But it is a lockdown, a shutdown, and a closedown but nothing really can keep us from worshipping Him and trusting Him in all of these circumstances.  He is sovereign and He sees and blesses.  

    “If someone is led to give, I would love to send financial helps to our House of Solomon (25 students are housed under two pastoral leaders) in Sami, near Rakhine State, where there are more than 3000 victims of the AA [Arakine Army, the Rakhine armed militia] and the military-civil war reside.  They have been asking me to help but I am only a conduit with no such capacity.  Many innocent kids and older folks alike have been killed and the AA continues to resist against the military and looks like it will take long years to make peace or will it ever happen?  Would you join me in prayer and see what the Lord might want to do.” —Philip

Note: As of May 8, 2020, COVID-19 stats for Myanmar:  176 cases, 6 deaths, and 62 recovered.  Apparently, the hot humid weather in that country serves them well when it comes to the virus.  Perhaps our summer will be equally kind to us here in Oklahoma.

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