In Philip’s latest update to us, he writes in part about the hospitality he and his wife Dante are blessed to be able to provide for others in need:

God Still Provides

“As of this moment, there 21 members, and by the next two days, we will [have] 6 more guests. This will then make 27 [of] us in one home. These expected guests will be with us for [as] long as [it takes] to get their sickness treated at hospital.

Last year we had a girl with cancer and the care-taker for more than three months. These expected guests will stay with us for quite a few days. It looks like our rented home has become a guest house. My wife and I are amazed by how God provides strength and meets the needs we have.

“God knows exactly what He is doing in bringing these people we simply trust in Him and like any other guests, guests leave us with good memory and hope we do the same to them. May I ask that you will take a moment now to pray for me and my wife and all the kids. And that our children will learn hospitality and that an act of kindness always makes a difference in lives and that there is never too late kind of a thing to show other an act of kindness.

Thankful For your Support

“At this time, I simply want you to know that your support to my family and the work we do touches many lives, and thank you very much for being there to stand alongside us. Also, I have finished my writing on, “Don’t Waste His Story,” a testimonial documents on how God works in my life.

May God give the strength you need, meet the need you have, and help you walk closer with Him.”
It is always a pleasure to hear from Philip and to witness how he and his family are living out the Biblical concept of hospitality. Twenty-seven guests in your home at one time! That would be “wall-to-wall” in almost all homes.

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