No doubt when you read this title, your brain attaches a rhythm and melody to it!

It’s one of the most beloved traditional hymns that has brought many a smile to believers down through the ages.

When we hear its memorable melody, we may be reminded of the days we stood in church and our own voices were drowned out by the voice of a congregation singing with such abandonment and joy.

Simpler days, we remember in our hearts. Days with families together and soft, sweet summer days.

This old favorite is not a song with deep theological meaning.

Most probably today, we wouldn’t even consider it a song of worship. No. It’s more a song that’s meant to make us smile. Take a look—not merely reading the lyrics, but absorbing its message into your heart.


“There’s within my heart a melody,

Jesus whispers sweet and low.

Fear not I am with thee Peace be still In all of life’s ebbs and flow.


Jesus, Jesus, Jesus Sweetest name I know

Fills my every longing

Keeps me singing as I go.”


Jesus whispers to us throughout the day if we open our ears to hear. He gives us the peace we desperately need to get through the ebbs and flows in life. As the song says, He is the only thing that “fills my every longing.” And that is what brings us such joy and “keeps me singing as I go.”

Sometimes we need a reminder of how much we love Jesus and what it means to have Him as our Savior. A catchy tune, a memory of the past, a reminder of the joy that Jesus brings to those who believe in Him—these are all it takes to bring about a perfect day.“

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