Crazy Times!

What times we are living in today!  Not a day goes by that we don’t see hatred, disrespect, death, and turmoil across the nation.  What we once considered serious problems, seem minor against the climate we are facing today.  No wonder a sense of helplessness and hopelessness prevails throughout the general public, churches, and individuals.  What then can we do?

As believers, we have heard countless messages about the need to pray, read the Word, serve others, and love them as we love ourselves.  A long time ago, James the Brother of Jesus admonished us not to merely hear the Word but to be doers of the Word.  The application is timeless.  Today, more than ever, we need to live out the Scriptures in our daily lives.  How possibly can we ever know what we are supposed to do if we are not students of the Bible?  We hear God’s messages from the pulpit, yes; but individually we need to study the Bible for ourselves:  the Holy Spirit will help us understand how to apply what we study to our lives.

Bottom line: studying the Bible must be a priority in our lives.  And when we give God’s Word its due attention, It will bring us closer to the mind of Christ and change our entire perspective on life.  We need that—desperately.  Bible study must become something we do every day, like eating and drinking.

Individual and Corporate Prayer

Praying individually and corporately is another thing we can do to alleviate the predicament we find ourselves in today.  We may not even know where to begin, with so many problems to deal with.  We may be overwhelmed and anxious, unable to find the words we need.  No problem.  Jesus sent the Holy Spirit to help us.  He knows our hearts, so all we need to do is just start talking and the Spirit will direct us to pray according to God’s will.  Just give Him your concerns, He will do the rest.

Being in the Word and praying are basic, fundamental ways of getting the help we need to overcome the difficulties of the day.   There is nothing new about this, God has taught it since the beginning of time.  But we seem to require reminding again and again:   God is our ever-present help in our time of need.  Through reading the Word and praying consistently, we will experience God’s presence and find ourselves with everything we need to change ourselves and the world.

As John the Baptist said when he realized that Jesus was actually the Son of God, “I must decrease and He must increase.”

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