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It’s not all work and no play for the students at Yangon Grace Bible School.  Recently the students celebrated a Game Day filled with fun, food, and fellowship.  Apparently, this was before the COVID-19 outbreak and served as a blessed relief before the storm. Most students are now recovering but some still report having a loss of taste.  We thank God for His grace in healing the children.

A recent message from Philip sends special thanks to all who responded to his latest request for assistance.  Things are better but, depending on the emergencies that arise when housing 30-plus students, they are still running anywhere from $300 to $500 short each month.

The virus has seriously affected the trucking business and shelves in the grocery stores are meagerly stocked.—and hence, the inflated prices that are unfairly levied against the poorest of the poor.

Philip has posted a new video on YouTube, giving us a brief look into the school’s philosophy on the value of the Scriptures.  I think you’ll agree that his teaching is so much like our own.

If you are able to continue your support for Philip’s ministry, you can send your donation to Word Within, PO Box 33178, Tulsa 74152.  Your contribution will be forwarded to Philip.

————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————Philip sent his friends in ministry another video update.  You can listen to this 3-minute message on YouTube.  Just copy the address below and paste it into your browser.  If you need help, you can call Gail at 918-492-0945: https://youtu.be/BW61C5pWhP0

New Students

We are so pleased to introduce you to our latest students of the Word.  Suzy in Ghana, West Africa, hosts a weekly Bible study in her home using study material we send her by email.

Suzy first discovered our ministry via our website (Wordwithin.org) and has been hungrily devouring the workbooks that have been used in Wednesday night classes.

We can barely keep her in material as she goes through the studies so very quickly!

The mother of four boys, Suzy is 40 years old and has quite a story to tell.  We communicate by email and we forward all the Bible studies we’ve written, also by email. Suzy’s story (in her own words) is included in this newsletter on page 4.



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