Abraham never wavered in believing God’s promise. In fact, his faith grew stronger, and in this, he brought glory to God.   He was fully convinced that God is able to do whatever he promises. Romans 4:20-21   

Failures and Faithfulness

In the quotation from Romans 4:20-21, God is telling us via His penman Paul that Abraham was a man of faith who never doubted that God would always keep His promises.

When we read about Abraham in the book of Genesis, however, we tend to focus on what we might call his “failures”—not the stories that reveal his faithfulness.  We read that He lies twice about Sarah being his sister because he fears what might happen to him if it becomes known that he is her husband.  He gave Lot the best land without giving thought to what God’s plans were.  We know also that he listened to Sarah and obeyed her wish for him to sleep with Hagar and produce the heir God actually meant for Abraham and Sarah.

It’s true, Abraham had his weaknesses. We all do. He may have made what we would call poor decisions, but God’s word in the Romans passage says he never wavered in believing God’s promise.

His Word is Truth

God’s Word is truth; He does not lie. So if He promised He would make Abraham a great nation (Genesis 15), He would do it. And Abraham never stopped believing it.  We might even say that after long years of waiting, Abraham’s faith actually increased (just as stated in Romans 4:20-21)!

Through it all, Abraham kept his eyes on the promise. Once God finalized the covenant, the promise was sealed. It’s true that Abraham only saw part of the promise fulfilled, the birth of Isaac; but he was fully convinced that God would do the rest as well.  He was looking forward to what he knew would come.

Believers, and the New Covenant

Believers today are living under the New Covenant that provides for salvation by grace through faith. Like Abraham, we need not waver in our belief in God’s promises.  In faith, we can rest assured that we will have eternal life and will dwell in the house of the Lord forever. Will we grow stronger in our faith and bring glory to God as Abraham did?

We have even more reason than Abraham to be fully convinced that God will do whatever He promises: we have the written Word that proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that the faithfulness of God is real.


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