Sinful Times

Noah lived during a time of rampant sin.  In Genesis 6:5-6, we read,

The Lord observed the extent of human wickedness on the earth, and he saw that everything they thought or imagined was consistently and totally evil. So the Lord was sorry he had ever made them and put them on this earth. It broke His heart.” 

God then told Noah of His plan to destroy everything but Noah and his family.  We don’t have an account of what Noah said during those years of building the ark.  What we do know is that Noah did exactly what God commanded.

The people continued in their wickedness while Noah gathered the materials and constructed the ark.  He probably suffered persecution from the people, but he kept his focus on the task at hand.  Always.  He didn’t involve himself in their evil activities.

God called Noah righteous.  He gave him an assignment that required his full attention so that he wouldn’t get sidetracked by the affairs of the world.  Noah didn’t hold a peaceful protest, or say derogatory words on social media, or tear down any idols.  He was too busy obeying God to get swept up in the business of the evil one.

We parallel much of Noah’s story in our world today.

Sin On the Rise

Wickedness and violence are increasing—rapidly.  People are persecuting Christians and making fun of them at the drop of a hat.  God has giving us an assignment:  to tell the world that Jesus is coming.  Again!  There’s a Gospel to share, and that will keep us plenty busy.

This doesn’t mean we cannot fight for what is right or voice our opinions on social media, but it does mean we limit the time we spend on such things.

Hearing from God isn’t exclusive to Noah.  We too must listen for His voice and obey everything He tells us to do.  We’ve important things to be done for Him.

Sin Distracts Us

The enemy will always try to get us to look in other directions.  He dangles dazzling bobbles before us to take our eyes off God.  He is the master of lies and deception.  But bottom line, believers have the power to withstand his devious schemes.

We have the Holy Spirit.  And if we ask, that Spirit will keep us on the path God has set for us.  We may be grieved and broken hearted over the evil in this world, but God has given us responsibilities to get us through—to keep us focused on Him and not the busyness of the world around us.  We just need to keep doing exactly what His Word says and He will be sure that everything will work for our good.

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