Troubling Times

I hope you took the time to read the letter from Phillip.  We hear the news in our papers and on TV, but reality smacks us between the eyes when we read about what is happening in Philip’s own words.

Without question, the situation there is bad.  There was so much hope when The Lady was released and resumed her position in the governing of the country.  But that hope has been dashed by the coup and the ensuing violence of recent days.  Physical conditions are bad, yes, but morale probably even lower.

This past year has been difficult the world over, especially here at home.  I know many are suffering financially as a result of the work shutdowns for extended periods of time.  Many still have not been able to return to work.  Resources are limited and needs remain high.

A Heartfelt Request

I ask you from the bottom of my heart to pray about Philip’s situation and consider whether God is calling you to help out in some manner.   The rent on Philip’s family residence is due in April and it is getting more difficult for us to transfer funds to Myanmar as time moves on.  We are in a desperate situation here.  There is an urgent need to get funds to Philip right now while avenues are still open.  We cannot anticipate when the situation will entirely prevent our getting money into the country.

We understand the situation here at home.  So whatever you feel you can give will be appreciated; no gift is too small.  I am praying that we can open our hearts to a critical need and somehow alleviate the stress in Philip’s family.  If you are not able at this time, we understand.  Of course.

You can make your donations, here:

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