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A Book of Action

Vintage camera on wooden table

The book of Mark is a book of action.  Rather than focusing on the teachings of Jesus, as some writers do (especially the apostle John), Mark focuses on the works that Jesus performs.  And as such, this book is filled with healings and miracles.  Fast-paced and action-packed, Mark gives a concise and succinct account of events and quickly moves on to the next.  Some might even say that Mark’s style fits especially well with the appetites of today’s readers.  His style makes the Gospel of Mark an exceptionally good place for the new student to begin his study.  It is also well-suited to those who speak English as a second language.

There are multiple approaches to the study of any book of the Bible.  The gospel of Mark is especially suited to the observation of “time”—the sequence of events, the duration of particular actions, as well as to its relation to a specific period in history.  You can follow this easily by marking each and every time phrase (such as immediately, and then, as soon as, the next day, etc.) with its own distinctive marking or color.

A Constant Record

Additionally, you might record each event and the reaction of the people, religious leaders, and disciples to it.  Were they surprised, started to plot against Him, amazed or whatever?  Imagine how much you can glean from a passage when you  observe how that action was received in its own day.  A follow-up to this exercise would be to also record with each event what that event tells you about the character of Jesus.

An important point to keep in mind while studying is that the Bible is intended to teach believers in every age about who God is and what He does.  It is with this kind of information that we are equipped to praise and worship Him in the manner He deserves.

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