About the Nago People

May 6, 2021 | Articles

The Nago People

Here are some interesting facts about the Nago people that Philip and his team visited on their recent missionary trip to the northwestern part of Myanmar and the northeastern part of India.  In spite of the horrific mishap that totaled Philip’s car, Philip still refers to the trip as fruitful.  After all, his mission is to spread the gospel for Christ and that is not negated by a loss of material stuff!

  1.  As far as the present-day elders remember, Christianity has been the only religion they have known for over 65 years.
  2. In 1984 Religious Invasion took place in major villages. The military junta forced the villages’ headmen to allow Buddhist Monk to enter their villages, but slowly the forced shadow faded away.
  3. Solid Bible teachers are most needed and fervently prayed for by the Nago in their
  4. Their theological understanding (and thirst for it) are largely overpowered by ritualistic
    practices and denominational leaders.
  5. The people desperately need leaders who disciple future leaders. A joy to see some of our students being used by God as the gospel light in this exciting journey.

The Nago people are a Christian people who are in great need of accurate Bible teaching.

A godless world is a lawless world.  Anarchy comes in when the fear of God goes out. — Charles Spurgeon



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