Word Within Ministry Update: May

May 6, 2021 | Articles

A New Season, and a New Hope

As the new Spring comes into full swing, many of us look back at the past twelve months with a sigh of relief.

Finally, we see the light at the end of the tunnel.

And it’s a bright light—one full of hope and promise of better things to come.

Hopefully, the past year has not been solely one of limited accessibility to the rest of the world.

Being isolated somewhat from the busy-ness of our usual days, we have experienced far more opportunity to immerse ourselves in the Word of God.   Many are eagerly returning to their usual study-groups and others are beginning new ones.  It must please the Lord tremendously to see His people devouring His word so hungrily.

 Thank You!

Thanks to all our contributors, Word Within International has been able to maintain our support of Philip Van Lal Lian during the pandemic.  Your gifts have enabled Philip to continue his ministry regardless of COVID exposure and the volatile military situation.  No matter the condition of our world, God’s work must be continued.  Thank you so much and please continue to support us.

In addition to our international interests, we have used this past “down” time to concentrate on classes within the local church.  Most Sundays we have been teaching twice, sometimes three times.  And we still have the Wednesday morning women’s study.  Initially all classes were held on Zoom, but we are now holding in-room classes, as well as the Zoom meetings.  A calendar of our current schedule of teachings is located on Page 4.

As we begin a new phase in our history (après pandemic), it  is our prayer that the study of God’s word becomes a top priority in your life.  We welcome you in any of our Bible studies and hope you will become a member of our community.


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