Ministry Update: July

Aug 2, 2021 | Articles

Breaking News from Myanmar

It appears that Philip has COVID-19. He has lost his sense of smell, has a fever, cold symptoms and some trouble breathing. He cannot get the meds he needs to take so is only taking ibuprofen. Of course, he is still trying to raise money for those in need because of the virus and the military coup. Please pray that God will have mercy on him and heal him so that he can continue
to minister to others and bring Him glory. Also pray for protection for his family so that they will not contract the virus.

Working Tirelessly for Myanmar

In spite of illness, Philip continues to work tirelessly for the indigenous peoples of his country. Conditions are not good there, both on the COVID front and in the political arena. Philip writes of continuing to struggle to maintain hope and expresses gratitude for the support he is receiving from contributors outside the country. He is confident that God is in control and prays for God’s relief from their current situation.

According to Philip, the news coming out of the country to the outside world is not accurate. A local paper recently
(early July) reported 100 deaths from COVID, when the actual count in Yangon was over 2000. He says, “Corpses are laid in a very improper way and no proper burial is given and this grieves the remaining family the more.”

In another post from Philip, he reports: “The military coup confiscated oxygen from the civilians so they can protect themselves and on the other hand people are dying because of lack of oxygen. Patients look after patients and civilians serves civilians. We have no government. The past government has turned itself into a domestic terrorists, arresting and killing at will in various places.

Back with a Vengeance

“Plus, Covid-19 came again from India for it’s third wave and it has invaded across the country and many had been killed. In Chin State, where I came from, over 100 plus pastoral leaders have been killed and hundreds of other people, especially older folks. Between June and July, one elderly received a 50 usd [U.S. dollars] bucks aid from us and after a week he was killed by Covid. Glad that it had reached him on time.

“There are many who need help at this critical time. Over 4000 usd plus had been received and distributed. From now on, if any funds come designated for relief, I will keep safe and seize the opportunity to distribute again. Also, September is a month when governmental decisions are made and thus August and September will be tough months to go through.”

Word Within International thanks you for your support. Philip still needs help. Desperately.


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