A Letter From Phillip: September

Oct 12, 2021 | Articles

Dear Brother and Sister,

Greetings to you in Christ’s name whose fame we are called to spread nationwide and worldwide, utilizing the capacity He has equipped us with. And mine has been to serve the pastoral leaders who are active today and to develop pastoral leader for future generations. In all that God has allowed me to serve, there are three ingredients for that service.

The three ingredients that mark and lead YGBS [Yangon Grace Bible School] are:

  • Godly Friendship (Non-manipulative mindset and motive)
  • Godly Partnership (For the widespread of Jesus Christ and His redemptive story anywhere)
  • Godly Relationship (Changing, under His leading, myself to become a brother to the people I serve) The ingredients mentioned above remain in the heart and memory of each student trained at YGBS.

A Picture of philipMany of us, when resources are available, like to help with physical need but often forget the relational help that is much needed by those we serve and help. My prayer for more than a decade now is that I will be a brother, a sister, a friend, a father or a mother kind to those whom God has blessed me to serve. Some rely on us so that their God-given responsibility can be accomplished for their own personal spiritual growth as well as for the glory of God.

May you, at this particular time, take the time to pray with me. “Gracious Heavenly Father, I like to become a brother/sister and a-mother-and-a-father kind to people I have the privilege to help support. May you help me in my desire and commitment to become that person just as I plead YOU today. In Jesus’ name I ask. Amen.”

The YGBS has been passionately equipping individuals for Godly ministries for the last 11 years without me having a personal office but just living out a personal visionary commitment under all circumstances. I am humbled by God’s calling, gifting and commissioning on my life and I am grateful for the Spirit of God for helping me to stay focus and faithful to the work He has entrusted.

Your financial partnership helps us stay, endure and work. Your relationship encourages us more than you can imagine. Your commitment to Christ and to the cause of Christ of saving sinners surprises us. Your commitment to participate, whenever possible, is what really keeps us alive and active at work under His grace. So, thank you VERY MUCH.

Striving with trust in His timely provision,

Philip Van Lal Lian, president
Yangon Grace Bible School


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