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Oct 12, 2021 | Articles

All A Hoax

Did you see the clip on the news about the toddler who was flung high into the air by a kite? So amazing how she was able to hang on through such violent twisting and snapping at the end of that gigantic kite! I confess I kept waiting for someone to tell me it was all a hoax. Remember the little boy a few years back who was caught up in a hot air balloon and disappeared? Search efforts lasted for quite some time before he was finally found safe and sound. He had never gone up in the balloon at all.

It was just a hoax! Just to be sure no one thinks at this point that I don’t believe the little girl and kite scenario: I most definitely do. But isn’t it a shame that we are fooled so often that we find ourselves doubting even the truth. We are bombarded with a deluge of twisted facts and out-and-out falsehoods every day. It’s no wonder we are becoming more and more suspicious of everything we hear or even see with our own eyes.

The Scriptures tell us in James 5:12 to “let your Yes be yes and your No no, or you will be condemned.”

A Warning from God

That is a strong warning from God that warrants our full attention. The context here is about not using flippant swearing in your conversation, but the truth is the same whether taken in or out of context. Both James (and Jesus in Matthew 5:27) are telling us that our words should always be truthful.

I am old enough to remember an America when a person’s word was his bond. Today? Not so much! But God’s Word does not change. It reads the same now as then, and those who manipulate their words or speak actual untruths will see the consequences of their actions. As believers, we may have different opinions about what that “condemnation” actually includes, but I am of the position that wherever God warns of it, I am going to take His imperative seriously.

Telling the truth cannot be overvalued. I realize whole-heartedly that I cannot change others
around me—that is up to the individual. But I can be responsible for everything that I say (or even imply to others). The greatest fire may have been started with a single spark. Equally so, change can begin with one believer.


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