Word Within Ministry Update: September

Oct 12, 2021 | Articles

Our nation’s efforts to curtain the spread of COVID-19 has been difficult to say the least. Our life-styles have been radically changed as many have suffered death, loss of income and increased isolation from family and friends.

During the past six months, donations to the Ministry have fallen below expectations and the budget has suffered. We are keeping our commitments for support to Philip but need your help in keeping it going.

We do not want to be a burden on any of our readers, but ask you to pray about what God would have you do. Please remember the no gift is too small.

God is good, and we have faith that He will provide what is needed.

NOTE: We have a new student who contacted us via email from Ghana on the western coast of Africa. We are supplying her with Bible study workbooks, which she devours with zeal. God’s word is reaching around the world!


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