A Letter From Phillip: October

Oct 18, 2021 | Articles

Dear Brother and Sister in Christ,

I am glad to be alive and do what God has called me to do with your generous partnership…  [At this point, Philip included photos that showed a number of people receiving gifts of food from the ministry.]


The fight has escalated a level so high that the explosion of bombs in Yangon seems somewhat a babysitting-kind.  The people seems to enjoy hearing it.

The fight is not the only thing that has escalated by the price as well as you can seen in the attached picture of the oil price.

One tablet of Paracetamol was 500 in the past but it has escalated into 3000 MMK in many medical store.  Even basic needs such as rice and salt… their pricing escalated as well in many markets.

October will be interesting as the junta and his Armed Forces are collapsing as many had fled their camp and joined the PDF, People Defense Force.

On the other hand, the NUG, National Unity Government, is ready to supply more tools in support of the PDF movements. Prayer is continually coveted for my country.


As a family, we are doing all that we can to distribute any funds coming in for aid. We are well fed by your generosity and prayer.  My wife is busy trying to teach our kids and I stay busy looking for ways to distribute help and so many times on phone call and online.  Also, I have been writing songs in two languages, one in Chin and one in Burmese and so I work hard on getting the melody for each.

Once again, may God bless you in ways that you always stay healthy, active and sincere in what God has called you to do. May He be glorified in all you do and may what you do in His name bring you closer to Him as well.

Thank you again for your partnership in the ministry. God bless you so much.


Much Gratitude,

Philip Van Lal Lian
Yangon Grace Bible School/Agape In Action


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