A Letter From Phillip: January

Jan 10, 2022 | Articles

Dear Brother and Sister,

Happy New Year to you all! What a year of 2021 it had been. Covid-19 had killed thousands of lives and omicron has threatened us all again and the ongoing political chaotic atmosphere here in Myanmar causes mental traumas in many ways. Where then do we seek solution in life?

Well, nowhere in the world can we find solution for things endured because [of] political selfishness. The only solution is in God who loves us regardless of who we were in the past and regardless of our ages and skin and economic status.

What a candid thing it is to know that we are loved by the God of the Bible who knows us so well and yet still loves us. Last week, the military here burned 35 innocent civilians to death (not to mention lives shot-dead) and it was the most horrible thing that happened since the military coup took power on February 1, 2021.

It’s been 11 months of unrest and uncertainties resulting in loss of thousands of innocent lives along with loss of education in the country for our
kids. This then has taken all Myanmar citizens into deep poverty and price inflation [un]imaginable.

The worse is yet to come.

How do we live our life under these circumstances? What are our priorities that must be pursued? Where do we seek strength? We live our life trusting God in all circumstances and knowing

He is always at work in fulfilling His plan is how we can find strength and drawing closer to Him with a heart of repentance should always be one that we pursue.

A fresh and warm relationship with God will make a difference in us no matter what comes because of the political chaotic forces. I am glad to let you know that we sent aid to two villages during Christmas season and my wife and I are so content to be His instruments this way during this dark times in Myanmar.

We dearly miss our students, especially this Christmas and New Year season. We long for their presence and fellowship and we pray for their well being. My wish at this critical time is still to serve pastoral leaders anyway I can and I would ask that you would pray with me for open doors and for the possibility of inviting our current students to study His word, perhaps just final and third year students before June, 2022. Another wish I have is to be able to travel again for evangelistic tours.

Traveling is still very risky since the military are everywhere as well as the PDF (People Defense Force) throughout the country. Just pray with me so that I stay sensitive to His progressive direction and move as He guides. Thank you to all of you for your commitment to support us and for your prayer and it is you and your participation that keeps us remain His instruments. And for that, my wife and I like to say, “Thank YOU very much and God bless you richly.”

Let the year 2022 be a year we all become a better me to God and to our world.

Attached are my family pictures taken on January the 1st, 2022.







Sincerely in Christ,
Philip Van Lal Lian
Yangon Grace Bible School/Agape In Action


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