Ministry Update from Philip (mid-March 2022)

Apr 11, 2022 | Articles

Dear Brother and Sister,

The war against the dictatorship continues its escalation in various forms and ways in various places across the country. This civil war has caused deep and wide poverty for the working people. Explosion after explosion is heard every day in various places. Many innocent civilians are in the jungle areas hoping to receive aid of all forms from people with capability.

I think of the Ukrainian people and the people here in Myanmar as well and I come to the conclusion that it was selfishness for political power that caused this terrible war that killed thousands. In Ukraine, the Ukrainian people stand and fight and they have received much help and volunteers in their defense of their country. We intercede in prayer for them as well.

Here in Myanmar, many of our youngsters, aged between 13-and 15 even join forces (People Defense Forces) and many give their lives. The recorded video calls between parents and their kids in the battlefield are heart-breaking. The foot-soldiers of the military regimes dare not step outside main streets and so using air forces they literally wiped out villages with fire. Homelessness is increasing as we read and watch houses being torched from above.

The attached pictures will speak louder than my words and are also sent to others because of your generosity. Sometimes, I feel so weak mentally that I cannot pray but I know God hears what is uttered in my heart. Also, much appreciation goes to you all for your continuous prayer for my country. These questions keep lingering in my heart…what is my part? Have I done my part? Am I tired of doing my part?

What is even more scarring is the future of our children who have no education because of this civil war. My hope is still in God, not in Asean (sic) nor in any political power but only in God. He loves us all and the time will come when His love will be vocally proclaimed with tears and many will come to Him in faith and repentance.

I know the answer to many prayers will come and until they do, with this hope and expectation, my wife and I will stay devoted to provide any help that comes our way to help those that are hurt by this civil war and seek any opportunity to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Thank you to you again for your partnership, frequent communication, prayer and for your generosity.

Being Hopeful for a Better Day to Come, Philip.

Want to see the pictures Philip referred to? Email and we will send you the links.


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