The Miracle of the Cross

Apr 11, 2022 | Articles

People don’t talk much about miracles today. The great tent revivals with their miraculous healings seem to be a thing of the past. Today, we have become adept at explaining away the miracles and giving credit instead to just about anyone or anything except God. We praise the physicians who treat us and even the “miracle” drugs they have invented and now use. We focus on what man has done and ignore the miracles that are gifted us from above.

God’s word is packed full of miracles. How could we ever run out of reasons for praising Him for all He’s done? At this particular time of year, we are reminded of the miracle of the cross—the place God prepared for Jesus long before the foundation of the world in order to reconcile sinful man to Himself.

Unfortunately, we tend to minimize the reality of the cross. It has been said that crucifixion was the most torturous means of death; but in addition, for Jesus it was a time when He took upon Himself the entire sins of the world—past, present and future. That sin separated Him from the Father, if only for a nano-second. Can you imagine? Darkness covered the land, the veil of the Temple was ripped from top to bottom, people were resurrected and roamed the streets of the city—all of this happening almost instantaneously. Think about it: No gradual heaping of sin ever occurred. Jesus took the full blast all at once.

The Savior of the universe endured the cross voluntarily and because of it, we who believe receive the miracle of salvation. Now we are new creations, born again and cleansed by the blood of Jesus’ sacrifice. The world had never heard of being born more than once. God did something new, something miraculous, something that man can never duplicate. No matter what.

The miracle of the cross led to the miracle of the resurrection. Death was not the ultimate destiny for Jesus and it is not the ultimate destiny for us either. When we receive salvation, we receive eternal life. We are raised, seated with Jesus at the right hand of God in heaven. We will never die.

The cross, salvation, the resurrection are the miracles we need to remember today. Not miracles done by man, but miracles done once and for all by God! Everyone who believes in Jesus can experience all the miracles and live forever in the presence of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Because of these, we are His now, and throughout all eternity.


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