How Long, O Lord?

Jul 25, 2022 | Articles, Bible Studies, Sovereignty of God, Teaching

Is God listening?

In the Bible, we read the words of many of God’s penmen who write, “How long, O Lord?”   How long must we wait for You to answer our prayers, to deliver us from our enemies, how long must we watch the horrific injustice and violence that is ravaging our land?  We want God to hear us and do something now about all the atrocities in our world, but it seems like He is not listening.  And we want to know why.

What is the role of the church?

Could it be that God is echoing the same phrase back to us:  “How long, O Church” before you shine brighter than the world’s darkness?  “How long, my child” before you quit playing church and spend time with me in My word and in prayer?  When will you stand up and obey Me more than your own desires?  How long before you value my appraisal of you more than that of your peers?

Is immorality is on the rise?

Over the past few years, we have seen a steady increase in idolatry, immorality, violence and more .  God is surely judging the Church, the nation and the world.  As a result, believers the world over are seeking a closer relationship with God; yet there are those whose hearts have been led astray by the enemy.  They’ve drunk the Kool Aid, so to speak.  These are the ones who need our prayers most desperately.  They cannot do it alone; they need God’s help in returning to their first love and stopping their mingling with those who violate the word of God.

Are the people of God are waking up?

Perhaps God hasn’t stopped listening after all; perhaps He is giving us the opportunity to respond to what He has been doing.  Perhaps He is waiting for us to wake up.  Well, He has our attention now.  He is igniting a roaring fire in our hearts that convinces us He is still here and at work in this world.  Today is a day of urgency, a day in which we wait expectantly for what God is about to do.

What we are to do now?

And today is the day we must stand firm in our faith and obedience to Him, and He will answer the question “how long, O Lord?”  And when He does, we will see that God always does far more than we can even imagine.

The Lord our God is standing with us now.  The question is, how long before we stand with Him?



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