Myanmar Missions Update July 2022

Jul 25, 2022 | Articles, Missions

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Ever since I dedicated myself to the ministry of the gospel, I never had a monthly pay type of thing. It has always been a freewill donation of individuals, that is based on their commitment. It is a very rare thing to make plan or any plan for ministry, except a some-how plan. This has produced an unexpected physical lack of provision for daily basic need and yet at time it also often produces spiritual integrity and growth of trust in His timely provision.

Once again, with your generosity, we were able to distribute aid to people who are in desperate need for help. Being able to become a blessing of helps to others by God’s grace because of your generosity is always a joy for now and it will remain a joy even after we reached our heavenly home prepared by our Father. As much as it is a joy to help others, it still breaks my heart even as I read news about innocent people being killed and houses being wiped out by fire from the regime’s part and plus homeless kids wandering and being confused.

Also, there are many places where parents are struggling as to whether or not to not send their kids to school because they are very concerned about the security of their children. I, on behalf of all the people in my country, still covet your prayer. Here is a link you might want to check >> click here.

Meanwhile, I lost a dear brother of mine in Jesus, Woody Woodward, on Father’s day. But I know he is in a much better place and oh … how I miss him already. I feel no less than his own son. I am going to miss him for a very long time. It certainly is like if I lost one of my great treasures on earth but I know he is already waiting for me to go home there as well when the Father bids me. What a man even when he knew he was nearing for his last breath! Strong faith with tremendous amount of mental strength.

Personal Update

I have also finished my book on “Joy as My Daily Companion” in my own dialect. It is pretty much of a study I made and a teaching I gave back in April, 2021. Please pray with me that God will provide donor to help publish it in book form. Below are the contents;

  1. We’re Encouraged to Be Joyful
  2. Our Reasons for Joy
  3. What Joy Is
  4. Joy in the Face of Suffering
  5. Joy in the Face of Lacking
  6. Joy in the Gospel Proclamation
  7. Joy in the Face of Death
  8. False Teachers Should Be Avoided

With trust in God and faith in the integrity and generosity of you, my wife and I stay dedicated to do what we’ve been called by God to do for His glory for eternity and for our good in time. And again, a sincere “Thank You” to every one of you who takes delight in supporting us in what we do and may God bless you richly.


Sincerely in Christ,  Philip Van Lal Lian

Yangon Grace Bible School/Agape In Action



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