New Class: “Is God Really in Control?”

Jul 25, 2022 | Articles, Bible Studies, Sovereignty of God, Teaching

New lessons!

We have recently completed a new lesson series appropriate for Sunday morning classes in either a 4-week or 5-week format. If your community is interested in receiving the teaching in either format, please contact us with the following information: Community name, contact name and phone number, at what hour and in which room the class meets, and the month in which you are wanting a teacher.

The Big Question Believers Ask

Much is happening in our world today, both at home and abroad, that has prompted this question in the hearts of Christians: “Is God really in control?” Sometimes it feels like everything is running amuck. Even strong believers may find themselves questioning what’s going on and why so many bad things are happening to good people.

Where to Find Answers

There are no easy answers to our questions. But the Bible deals with the issue honestly and forthrightly. We only need to search the scriptures to gain the truth. In this latest class, we will examine what the Bible has to say about whether God is in control nd what that means in the life of the believer. Can we trust God?

Does He have our best interest at heart? What is the believer’s responsibility in all this? Human suffering and God’s sovereignty—how do these fit together? Do they?

What We Do Know About God

This much we know: the God we worship is completely sovereign, has infinite wisdom, and is perfect in love. In His love, He wants what is best for us; in His wisdom, He knows what is best and in His sovereignty, he is able to bring it about.

“Of all Spiritual food, the Bible is the most sustaining. ”—Charles Spurgeon


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