Live the Abundant Life Now

Jul 27, 2022 | Articles, Bible Studies, God's Love, Teaching

What is the abundant life promised in John 10:10?

Jesus tells us in John 10:10, “The thief’s purpose is to steal and kill and destroy.  My purpose is to give them [the believers] a rich and satisfying life.” (New Living Translation)

The thief’s (Satan’s) purpose leads to death compared to Jesus’s purpose which leads to eternal life. This abundant or rich and satisfying life starts the minute we accept Christ as Lord and Savior. It never ends; it is eternal. But If we reject what Jesus has to offer, life ends in eternal death and Satan’s purpose is fulfilled.

Live like Christ in humility and love

The point Jesus is stressing in this verse is that right now, on this earth, if we give our lives to Him we can start living this rich and satisfying life. Stop and think about it. We know in these present times that God has granted power over the earth to Satan. We see him increasing his fury towards God’s salvation and creating all kinds of evil and wickedness at an exponential rate.  Yet, in the midst of all of Satan’s chaos, Jesus has promised to give us abundant life, rich and fulfilling.

As a man who walked on the face of this earth, Jesus lived out the very definition of this abundant life. In the scriptures, we read about the way He treated others:  how He listened, saw, and looked for those who might not be considered worthy of His attention; His patience with the disciples, the Pharisees, and teachers of the law was equal for each. He never demanded His own way and was ready to forgive and love anyone and everyone, no matter how despicable they may have been to others.  He was not looking for fame or power.  He was humble, yet stronger than all the rest of the world.

Abundant life is not about wealth or personal satisfaction

The abundant life promised to us is not to be confused with the acquisition of wealth or the freedom to follow our own desires.  Rather, it is the laying down of our lives for others, esteeming others better than ourselves, and helping everyone we can.  We are given a divine privilege to be God’s ambassadors in the stead of Christ. You would think that would be blessing enough, but the abundant life does not end there.  God always gives us the much-more-life.  Better we not wait until death to live the life Jesus died to give us. Better we grab hold now and follow Christ’s example of how to live today and forever.

Start living a rich and satisfying life

Whether people follow or fight against Him, Jesus never stops trying to help them see the truth.  He never stops loving, never stops caring.  And He never shuts the door to anyone.



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