Personal Bible Study: Habakkuk

Jul 27, 2022 | Articles

Read and Study Habakkuk

The events in the book of Habakkuk occur shortly before the invasion by Nebuchadnezzar.  The moral and spiritual temperature of Judah was at an all-time low. The priest Habakkuk sees the wickedness of the country and cries out to God for relief.

Read the entire book of Habakkuk in one sitting and answer (on a separate sheet of paper) the following questions:

  1. In the first chapter, verses 1-4, what is Habakkuk the priest’s complaint to God? (Keep your answer as simple and concise as possible)
  2. Re-read the next verses (5-11) and record the main point of God’s answer to Job.
  3. The prophet Habakkuk counters with a second complaint in 1:12-17. Record the gist of his complaint in a simple and concise manner.
  4. What is Habakkuk’s statement of faith that is expressed in 2:1 (where does he stand and what does he intend to do in that position)?
  5. God’s response to this second complaint follows in 2:2-20. In vv.2-3 what does God instruct Habakkuk to do?  Why does He want Habakkuk to do this?
  6. The “he” in vv.4-5 most probably refers to world wickedness in general. The “him/you” in vv.6-19 most probably is directed specifically to Babylon.  The word “woe” can be equated to the word “alas.”  Make a list of the 5 “woes” against Babylon.
  7. Now relax and read Chapter 3. Try to capture the essence of Habakkuk’s prayer.  Is he for God or against?  In light of the previous chapters, what does that say to you and your behavior as a Christian?

We will continue this study next month with a look at Chapter 3 up-close and personal.


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