Ministry Update: Africa!

Sep 21, 2022 | Articles, Missions

It’s Time to Get Moving Once Again.

Join us, please, as we put on our running shoes. Our new Pastor at Asbury clearly has his on, and we are surrounded with equal exuberance from the congregation as a whole. We’re ready for sure and looking forward to the remainder of 2022 and an especially great 2023.

Word Within International is making plans for additional travel in 2023. We’ve been contained way too long because of COVID and political unrest overseas, and now is the time to step out once again.

2023 Mission Trip to Tanzania

Our first trip is being planned for February 2023 and will take us to Tanzania for a 12-hour teaching event over several days with topics such as “Anger and Forgiveness,” “Living in the Spirit,” and more.

We are responding to the invitation of a Tanzanian pastor with whom we have been corresponding for about ten years.

This by no means is reducing our continuing obligation to minister to Philip and his churches in Myanmar.

Your Prayers Are Greatly Appreciated!

As we continue to make arrangements for this trip, we ask for your prayers concerning the timing, finances, and preparation of teaching material. Please pray also for the pastor who has invited us and for the hearts of those he will invite to the teachings.

We feel strongly that this outreach is something God is calling us to do and know that whatever is needed will be available at the time that it is needed. You have been a great support to us in the past, we feel quite sure we can count on your continued support in the future.

Africa: An early prayer finally answered

As a point of interest, many missionaries have laughed saying that they had expressed their “un-desire” to be sent to Africa and that is exactly where God chose to send them.

I (Gail) told God early in my Christian walk that I really wished He would send me to Africa. After forty-plus years, He is finally cashing in on that chip! God is good!


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