The Church: Change is in the air

Sep 21, 2022 | Articles, Sovereignty of God, Teaching, Words of Wisdom

There is something big happening in the Church today.

It may not be visible in every congregation, but it certainly is in the true body of Christ. There is a prevalent feeling that we’re on the brink of something really big. We are poised in anticipation, sensing that it’s right around the corner.

In the book of Acts, we read about the disciples as they wait in the upper room. They were told by Jesus that He was going to send the Holy Spirit to fill and equip them to carry out the work of sharing the Gospel with the entire world. They waited in anticipation, praying. All the while, they focused their hearts not on worldly things, but on the spiritual.

Suddenly, but in God’s holy timing, the Holy Spirit arrived, and the wind and tongues of fire evidenced that Jesus had kept His promise. Believers were filled with the Spirit, ignited by the fire of hope, and soon spreading out across the then-known world to share the gospel with others.

When people are like-minded and one in the Spirit, things begin to happen.

Believers come together in the Church and worship with other believers. The Bible comes alive and believers fall in love with Jesus all over again. The Spirit moves in their hearts and they cannot contain the love they feel for others.

The Holy Spirit is in all believers, but some in the church are grieving Him. They have slipped in their faith and are living too much in the world, having forgotten for what their lives were originally intended.

But in all of this, you are urged to take heart…

It is never too late for the Spirit to breathe new life into any and all of us.

When we honor God with our obedience, when we study His Word and worship with like-minded believers, always seeking His will in prayer, the Holy Spirit is with us—now, and always shall be. We witnessed it in the lives of the disciples in the book of Acts, and it can happen to us today. Can you feel it coming? Be ready; watch out. It’s just around the corner.


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