This Wild and Crazy World

Sep 21, 2022 | Articles, Teaching, Words of Wisdom

What craziness exists in our world today!

If we take only what we see and hear at face value, we might as well join in and party like a rock star! Isn’t it wonderful that we know these are only schemes of the devil and that our God is not a God of confusion but a God of order? No matter what it looks like, God is doing something, and we get to be a part of that every day if we belong to Him.

The enemy wants to kill, steal, and destroy anything and anyone that gets in the way of leading this world down the wide path to destruction. He revels in causing division and fights among the body of Christ. He lies better than anyone who was ever created, but as followers of Jesus, we do not have to buy his lies.

The Word tells us repeatedly what we have in Christ.

None of that includes turmoil, longing for material things, putting ourselves first, lying, or living immoral lifestyles. That is of the devil, and he has no part of us. We must begin to put the Word of God in our thoughts and remember we have divine protection and discernment to know when we are being deceived.

If we just open our eyes and hearts we will see that God is doing something. Just as there are evil people, there are saved people and as saved people, we have the power of the Holy Spirit living in us. What we have the privilege of doing when the world becomes overwhelming is to trust God. He sees everything. He knows your name is written in heaven already.

Next time all the hype of the news is making you crazy and confused, turn it off!

Pick up your Bible and read about how Jesus defeated Satan at the cross. Remember the promise that Jesus wants to give us abundant life now and for all eternity. Look around at how God is moving and thank Him you can be a part of it. Don’t party like a rock star, but pray like a warrior and remember that you can trust God with your life!


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