Asia Missions: Myanmar Update from Philip

Sep 22, 2022 | Articles

Dear Brother and Sister,

Greetings to you all in the name of Jesus Christ whose love is the foundation on which you and I have gotten to know and serve one another.

As of August of 2022, the headlines of News we can read still is deaths and dead and being killed or villages being emptied as people fled for their safety in the jungle areas. The military junta and his men have confiscated many bikes from the civilian because bikes are used often by the PDF (People Defense Force) to throw bombs. The petrol’s price has escalated into 2450 one liter, making one gallon 9800 MMK. Since transportation is the key to basic need survival, this inflation has caused prices so high and thus making life so difficult.

I would ask that you go through the attached picture as to clearly see what a daily life looks like now here in Myanmar.

As of my family, the man known as Amos Tuan Tin Zam who serves as a superintendent at our Bible school for over a decade has a severe illness and for a day three doctors had given up on him, asking me to inform and call some of his relatives to come. In fact, I started making a phone call to the funeral and others related. His illness was cause by the swelling of his lung which then also caused the swelling of his liver and liquid in his gastrointestinal track and this then also weakened his kidney. And so his wife and kid, and four other of his relatives came. He had been released from hospital and is now cared at home but after even three days he still cannot stand on his feet yet.

This then actually makes our home a place to stay, eat and sleep for 22 people. Almost this entire month of August, my wife stays so busy and I stay busy at hospital because his relatives don’t speak well of Burmese, except their mother-tongue. But they help my wife whenever they can and however way they can. So, my wife stays busy from 5:30 am to 9:00pm. This will continue till Amos is back to normal. I would ask, therefore, for prayer for wisdom and strength and that God would use all of this to pour on us a love He shown us first in Jesus Christ.

I am reminded of 1 Peter 4:9 which reads, “Show hospitality to one another without grumbling,” and may this be the season which God increases His love in us and let it flow through us to others by His strength. After all, what is hospitality if there is no love in the way we serve and care? Again, in all of this, we remain grateful to God and to you for your generosity toward us and we still seek and seek ways to serve people who struggle for daily basic needs because of this civil war. We pray that the God who sees everything will continue to bless you all abundantly in His way for His glory.

Attached are few pictures of aid sent to the refugee camp in Kaya State and others related.

Sincerely in Jesus,
Philip Van Lal Lian
Yangon Grace Bible School/Agape In Action


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