Asia Missions: Myanmar Update from Philip (December)

Dec 22, 2022 | Articles, Missions

Dear Brother and Sister in Christ,

Greetings from my family to you and yours in Jesus’s name whose glory is the ultimate motive and goal of our friendship, partnership and brotherhood!

I have been quiet last month as far as update goes, or have I? I just locked myself in my writing: Joy as My Daily Companion had been edited and one. The Admirable Preachers of God’s Word” is drafted as well and I am now working God’s Grace and Purpose in Our Suffering and “Living Passionately.” I’ve never considered myself a good writer but by my writing if someone is changed and equipped then it was never a waste. Equip One and Change Many still is my life’s slogan and to this end I will strive with all the strength I have by God’s grace.

God willing, I will be participating as one of the teachers in training pastoral teachers, about 60 plus anticipated, in northern Chin State and the assignment given to me is, “the Proclamation of God’s Word in Church Growth and how the Word of God should be Proclaimed and Taught. I would ask that you would pray with me for these days. The event will be in the second week of December, next month. Also, I will have a chance to visit Falam, my hometown and see people who received aid from Agape In Action. I do pray that God will provide something to be able to distribute help there to the people who
struggle for daily basic need because of the escalation of the civil war.

Some areas in Chin State, there are no rice to buy. The regime stopped many transportations and thus monetarily help is often the only option left and most people in this State go to India’s border to buy rice and salt and oil etc. The military regime’s personnel, dressed like a civilian, move like a pack of thieves and robbers in houses and in public buses where they confiscated phones and belongings. Some houses were invaded and family were arrested and the list goes on. It looks as though we have come to the ending part and things are getting much dangerous and difficult.

But in all of this, God’s grace is sufficient and His purposes in allowing all these to happen is yet fully known. It may be a progressive process as it often was in term of how He often worked in people lives from time to time. Once again, a heartfelt “thank you” to you for your prayer and generosity and friendship and the brotherhood we shared in Christ. The world has one so bad and it is a lonesome road to be alone. I am glad that God uses your frequent communication as a drop of clean water for a thirsty soul of mine.

Attached are pictures of recent work done because of your generosity and glory be to God in the highest. I stay in contact with all people that received aid from us and a day will come when Jesus and Him crucified will continue to be proclaimed to them because I strongly believe that every good work is not good work without Christ and Him being proclaimed. Once again, thank you to you for being so willing to be God’s instrument in whatever way and whenever He leads you.

Sincerely in Christ,
Philip Van Lal Lian
Agape In Action/Yangon Grace Bible School


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